Jerome10Dan-OD Hydraulic Brake Set Hydraulic Disc Brake Front and Rear Hydraulic Hybrid Bike Oil Disc Brake Device




Price: £40.68
(as of May 15,2021 01:15:28 UTC – Details)


Color: black, red

Specifications: one set of front and rear, including discs and mounting screws

Material: aviation aluminum 6061 T6 quench

Way: line pull oil disc

Cylinder: One-piece, the oil disc uses the standard mineral-specific bicycle oil. Because there is no oil pipe, it will not leak oil due to cracking. It is not necessary to change oil and refuel!

Conversion seat: HB-100 is equipped with a conversion seat before and after, can be equipped with A / B column front fork, direct installation, more convenient.

Note: Please do not remove the yellow pad before installation, and pinch the brake lever, otherwise it will cause oil leakage or scrap the oil disc.


Front disc brake clamp*1

Rear disc brake clamp*1

Disc *2

Disc screw *12

Disc brake base screw *4

Non-professional technicians should not open the cylinder screws at will, so as to avoid leakage of oil and gas, which will make the brakes insensitive
HB-100 has a transfer base before and after, can be equipped with A/B column front fork, direct installation, more convenient
Upgraded hydraulic brake, powerful braking force, running-in force, strong braking, fast and effective control of the bike
High-strength aluminum alloy material, surface matte process, anti-corrosion, durable, high toughness
Suitable for line pull mechanical clamp brake modification and upgrade