BIKERISK MTB bicycle front fork air pressure shock absorber shock absorber front fork air fork accessories



Price: £157.99
(as of Apr 23,2021 13:45:04 UTC – Details)

The model represented by the color name

1.Straight tube shoulder control
2.cone tube shoulder control
3.straight tube Wire control
4.cone tube Wire control

Model: FKA002
Material: aluminum alloy + magnesium alloy
Size: 26/27.5/29er
Locking: shoulder control HL, wire control RL
Vertical tube: straight tube, conical tube
Packing: 85*22*12cm
Carton weight: 470g
Product weight: 26”: 1650g~1700g+/-50g
27.5”: 1670g~1790g+/-50g
29‘’: 1720g~1800g+/-50g

2. Brake line fixing buckle: fix the brake line, make the brake line smooth and beautiful, and make riding more comfortable.
3. Aluminum alloy air pressure valve: it can reduce the frequency of shock absorption in different sections and the stable rebound of the front fork is smooth.
4. Aluminum alloy shoulder control lock switch: according to different road sections, you can turn off or turn on the shock absorption function to make riding more comfortable and convenient.
5. Aluminum hook: simple and easy to install, durable.